You always have to be different.


I often read comic books in my spare time at work.

Liyuan didn't say who he was planning to meet.

Please call me Angela.

She photographed the house.

I'm not sure whether I really want that.

There is a cat under the bed.

I thought Geoff sounded happy.

I'll never talk to them again.

I'd like you to help me if you have nothing in particular to do.

Courtney is just modest.

Japan is still struggling to emerge from recession.


I think that's appalling.

Jerald wanted to know why Randolph was not happy.

Wait for me outside.

I know what you look like.

You must apologize to her for coming late.

Where's the source of this river?

While I breathe, I hope.

We must allow for some delay.

Please promise me you won't do that again.


When the farmer drops dead off the tractor, then at the edge of the forest, there must be a reactor.

Everyone gathered around them.

"Do you know Lou?" "I don't believe I do."

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None of his students could solve the problem.

His mother is worried sick about him.

I think you've practiced enough.

What's the name of that station?

She read an amusing story to the children.

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Kill the bunnies first.

He used to come here to take the treatment.

Some people like sports. Others don't.

Every problem has a solution.

I'm not leaving Pete behind.

I argued with him about the new plan.

Let's enjoy it.

Why did Jayesh say yes?

Is it open round the clock?

I need to say goodbye.

Orville studied hard.

It's all here.

Do you believe Leonard?

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I spent two hours watching television last night.

There's still no sign of Hans.

The truth can be more painful than a lie.

Let's get going.

This land belongs to Mr. Ikeda.

Perhaps you're too busy.

Nobody wants to forget my country.

I'm only here to help them.

This dog is yours. Where is mine?

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These pills will ease the pain.

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Tatoeba is open source software.

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I held up my hand to stop a taxi.


I can arrange that.

My maid waxes my house once a week.

They're blue.

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I'm using the computer.

May I leave my belongings on the bus?

All of the students at our school study French.

You all display similar behavior.

It took John only one day to make friends with his classmates at the school.

The speaker was so well-known as to need no introduction.

Himawan will have an answer for you by next week.


I tried to hide.

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Give me your impression of this book.

We're too late.

Cris plans to hire someone who speaks French.

When the snow melts it flows into the river.

I know every inch of the town.

Finally, he lost his temper.

Do you have a camera?


I was trying to get it right.

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She panicked when she was kissed by another man.

How much does it cost to get in?

You probably control it.

What's the time? My watch has gone wrong.

Did you like the book?


No kept a list of all the food he'd eaten that week.

Some women longed to have the right to vote.

Did you talk to her about it?


I didn't go to school because I was sick.


Marsha is an outlaw.


We've known each other since we were children.


I'm not very good at singing.

Don't beat about the bush.

Try this instead.

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I just realized how stupid I am.

I've been married too long.

No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

Let's go to the Jacksons'.

If the address changes, please contact us.


Everything is all arranged.

I hope you have a healthy appetite.

Urs dreams of becoming a millionaire.

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That's an unquestionable fact.

Can I get your attention, please?

Let's see how it goes this evening.

She quickly cleaned up the mess.

I'll keep this for future use.

You know I'm not coming back, right?

I wish you'd given me a little more time.

You just now noticed this?

There's never a new fashion but it's old.


We must not allow ourselves to be influenced by soothing words.

We have to do what's right.

Price got another letter from Oskar today.


I'll stick with you.

One day I visited my aunt.

Bullying is Dan's favorite hobby.

Pilot wants to speak to Dick alone.

You've seen what this machine can do.


No one suspected her.


Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.

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Where does the sun go at night?


I'm very lonely here.


The church clock gains three minutes a week.

Gordon is very overweight, isn't he?

That red dress becomes her.

I've never really liked Amarth very much.

Can you imagine me making a cake?

Was that not clear?

I asked why.


I mean, when I watch T. V. I'd sit in it.

I am scaring the sparrows away.

He had to leave his cat at home.

He's after me.

I ate that apple.

The problem is that Vickie doesn't have any money.

Niels killed his own father.

There's only one bath towel in our bathroom.

Rayan never forgave me for it.

Can you help me with something?

What makes you think this is the end?

I feel like I was born in the wrong time period.

The old man starved to death.

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I wish I had had the chance to learn French.


Are you finished with the paper?

You should definitely tell Jarl the truth.

Somebody is calling you from the gate.

I thought I could trust Norm.

There's been a series of robberies in the Boston area.

We're here to see them.

Triantaphyllos knows who broke the window.

I was pardoned.

There used to be a small bridge over the river 10 years ago.

I'm eating a banana.

Can I borrow your phone?

The party started soon after his arrival.

How do you like your new school?


I know that is difficult to understand for you.


Have you ever shaken hands with the President?

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We couldn't find anything.

This project may not pay off.

Some things are personal.

In the end, she moved back to England.

I'd like to buy menu of the day.

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I visited my uncle in the country one day.

Three months ago, I didn't even know how to say one word of French.

Do you make your bed every morning?


What makes you think Gregory isn't a native speaker?